K-Ville: Melissa

Wednesday 4 August, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post-Katrina New Orleans. In this episode, the hunt for the killer of a plastic surgeon leads the detectives to a father searching for his missing daughter. Boulet clashes with Lyndsey over the DA’s refusal to listen to his concerns about the case. When the body of eminent plastic surgeon Steven Schmidt is found on a riverbank, Boulet is at first convinced that it is an open-and-shut case of robbery-homicide. At the scene, the detectives find the blood of two different people, and a lens from a pair of eyeglasses. Nearby is the doctor’s missing suitcase, which swiftly disproves Boulet’s theory – it contains $50,000 in cash. Boulet and Cobb visit the victim’s wife, Kathy, who confesses that her husband had been spending a lot of time holed up in his study before his death. The cops discover that Schmidt made numerous calls to a Dallas number in the weeks leading up to the killing. Boulet dials the number and reaches a man who tells them that his roommate, Luke Sherman, travelled to New Orleans under mysterious circumstances two days earlier. The detectives trace Luke’s grandmother, who tells them that her grandson left New Orleans after his wife and daughter were killed by the storm. However, the old woman tells the stunned duo that two weeks ago, she discovered that the girl, Melissa, was alive after putting her photo on the internet. She proudly hands over a recent photo of the lost child, and the cops realise that the girl is none other than Steven and Kathy Schmidt’s adopted daughter. Cobb and Boulet visit social worker Pete Taylor, a university friend of Kathy’s who arranged the adoption for the family. He tells them that the girl was put up for adoption when it proved impossible to trace her parents after she was found alone during the storm. Pete admits that he put Luke in touch with Dr Schmidt after he came in to do a DNA test a few days earlier, despite Luke’s unbalanced mood. “The man thought his daughter was dead for two years, and now she’s alive,” Pete says. “He was acting like a crazed maniac – wouldn’t you?”

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