K-Ville: Ride Along

Wednesday 25 August, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they attempt to restore law and order to a post- Katrina New Orleans. In this episode, Cobb and Boulet reluctantly agree to be shadowed by a New York journalist in an attempt to improve the beleaguered force’s image, but her determination to root out a good story jeopardises an operation to catch the city’s most dangerous man. When the New York Herald sends journalist Jodi Mazetta to New Orleans to write a profile of the police force, Cobb and Boulet are unhappy to be selected as her guides. Convinced that she will smear them with her story, the officers decide to keep her away from major cases. However, when a call comes in about a murder, Jodi is determined to visit the scene of the crime. “I’m going to write this article with or without you,” she tells her guides. In order to convince the duo to play ball with her, Jodi tells them some harsh truths about outsiders’ impressions of New Orleans. “They see you as a sideshow,” she insists. “The lawless, promiscuous, murder capital of the country.” Cobb, fiercely protective of his hometown as always, denies the charges. “Well, prove it then,” Jodi challenges him. The cops eventually submit and take Jodi to the scene. The victim, Travis, lies dead from two gunshot wounds to the head in a car outside his home, and the murder has all the hallmarks of a drug-related hit. However, when Boulet and Cobb discover that the victim has a clean record, they must change the angle of their investigation. The officers pay a visit to the dead man’s employer at the stadium where he worked as a caretaker. The boss expresses his surprise at the murder of his hardworking employee, and tells Boulet and Cobb that he initially assumed they had come about the murder in the stadium bathroom the previous week. The cops discover that a teenager was shot there in a suspected drug deal gone wrong – and Travis more than likely witnessed the crime. “He had to have talked to somebody,” Boulet tells Jodi. “The way he was killed in front of his house sent a message to the whole ‘hood.”

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