Amba claims Top Models chasing “air-time”

Eliminated Britain’s Next Top Model contestant Amba Hudson-Skye has slammed her fellow competitors, claiming they are constantly chasing “air-time”. Amba made the decision not to retaliate whenever she was provoked by others in the house, saying she wasn’t interested in conflict while others seemed to enjoy it.

MasterChef finals tasks revealed

Celebrity MasterChef has released its tasks for finalists Neil Stuke, Christine Hamilton, Lisa Faulkner and Dick Strawbridge in the coming weeks. Among other things, the four will cater for the Sealed Knot- an English civil war re-enactment group, 800 schoolboys at Harrow, and special guests at a dinner at London’s Olympic Stadium.

Sheen tops TV salary list

Charlie Sheen has topped a list of the highest-paid actors on TV, ahead of the likes of Hugh Laurie and Tina Fey. Sheen receives a whopping $1.25m per episode for Two and a Half Men with his co-star Jon Cryer following with a pay cheque of $550,000.

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