Mythbusters new season on Discovery

Mondays from 30 August 9:00pm

Never let it be said that Jamie and Adam don’t aim high. For the first of these brand new episodes Jamie decides to take on the godfather of physics, Sir Isaac Newton. According to Professor Hyneman two cars travelling at 50 mph hitting each other is the equivalent of one car hitting a wall at 100 mph. Unfortunately, this is contrary to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. So what will win out: Newton’s Law or Hyneman’s Hynopthesis, when the guys start crashing cars? Then they become lab rats to determine whether women are more tolerant of pain than men, and whether loud swearing helps as well. The team also put a fluey fable to the test, when they test the reach and coverage of a sneeze – which might make you think twice about caring for a sick relative when you see the results.


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