New Channel 4 comedy Pete Versus Life premieres Friday

Pete Versus Life is a brand new comedy for Channel 4. The five part series, written by Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie (co-writers of Star Stories) and made by the producers of the award winning Peep Show series starts on Friday 06 Aug at 10pm.

Pete Griffiths, played by Spall, is a struggling young sports journalist. Although well meaning, Pete often lacks the emotional maturity required to deal with life’s more intricate problems.

Pete wishes that life had clearly defined rules, like sport. But life isn’t like sport, as Pete is only beginning to realise.

Pete’s life is commented on, as if it was an exciting sporting event, by two professional sport commentators – anchor man Colin King (Simon Greenall), and former international footballer Terry McIIroy (Ian Kirkby).

Like a modern Greek chorus, Colin and Terry discuss and analyse Pete’s domestic cock ups with accompanying statistics, on screen graphics and slow motion replays.

Pete Versus Life also stars Chris Geere (Kurt), Reece Ritchie (Ollie) Pippa Duffy (Anna), Susannah Fielding (Chloe), Dan Ings (Jake), Joseph Kloska (Rob), Philip Jackson and Sorcha Cusack (Pete’s parents).



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