Private Practice Series 3

10:00pm Thursday, August 12 on LIVING

More medical drama comes to LIVING this week as the third series of super-successful Grey’s Anatomy spin- off Private Practice continues. Viewers who are after tales of a pressure-cooker profession that tests relationships to breaking point need look no further than the examination rooms of Oceanside Wellness. The upscale LA clinic has been home to Dr Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) since she fled Seattle Grace.

The sleek US series chronicles the lives of the lovable-but-flawed doctors as they struggle with interpersonal entanglements, ethical quandaries and the stress of holding lives in their hands. Troubled relationships between parents and children are a theme this week as Addison’s estranged father comes to town hoping to build bridges, and Naomi and Sam must band together to deal with their unruly teenage daughter Maya. When Naomi catches the girl sneaking out to school in revealing clothes, it is clear she is growing up way too quickly…

Elsewhere, Addison and Pete tackle the complicated case of a pregnant 60-year-old woman whose foetus has serious abnormalities. Addison recommends risky surgery to save the pregnancy, and is touched when her dad asks to observe. But Addison’s rekindled relationship with her philandering father looks likely to be short-lived when it emerges that he has made another conquest – and this one is far too close to home.

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