Private Practice Series 3 on Living

10:00pm Thursday, August 26 on LIVING

More medical drama comes to LIVING this week as the third series of Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice continues. Viewers who are after tales of a pressure-cooker profession that tests relationships to breaking point need look no further than the examination rooms of Oceanside Wellness. The upscale LA clinic has been home to Dr Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) since she fled Seattle Grace. The sleek US series chronicles the lives of the lovable-but-flawed doctors as they struggle with interpersonal entanglements and ethical quandaries.

The crossover with Grey’s Anatomy continues this week as Seattle Grace’s Dr Mark Sloan takes his pregnant daughter to LA so Addison can perform surgery on the foetus. But Mark and Addison have more than just a professional relationship. Their long romantic history bubbles to the surface once more, complicating Addison’s feelings about the case in hand, annoying Sam and leading Mark to toy with the idea of moving to California. Will another doctor from Seattle be moving down the coast to start a new life in sunny Los Angeles?

Meanwhile, Coop continues to fight with Charlotte, and Sam struggles to come to an agreement with Naomi about how to raise their rebellious daughter Maya, who seems more out of control by the day. What kind of trouble has she landed herself in this time? When she approaches her ‘aunt Addy’ for a quiet confession, the truth finally comes out, and it is a shocker – this week exclusively on LIVING.

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