Monday 30 August, 7:30pm on Fiver

The reality drama series charting the fortunes of an ambitious young fashion reporter continues. Mixing real-life events with scripted scenes, ‘Push’ follows Lydia Harrison as she attempts to take the London fashion world by storm. In this instalment, Lydia and Alex both face housing difficulties and money woes, and Lydia’s actions cost her a steady job. Robert takes Alex out for a meal with some of his gay friends. Although the two are not romantically attached, Robert presents Alex as his latest boyfriend -much to Alex’s chagrin. Alex is rescued from an uncomfortable evening by a phone call from Lydia, who wants to meet him in a local pub. They meet in the pub to discuss Lydia’s crisis about living in London and her increasingly strained relationship with her cousin Chloe. “What am I doing? I don’t belong here!” Lydia laments. The two friends patch up their differences over a drink, then Lydia manages to win some shifts at the same pub. Meanwhile, Chloe, feeling cramped by Lydia and resentful over her relationship with Jackson, asks her cousin to start paying rent. Although money is tight for Lydia, the pub job will help her cover her living costs. After a couple of enjoyable shifts at the pub, Lydia is given the responsibility of covering for her manager, Ros. But just after Ros leaves, Lydia gets a call from ELLE magazine, offering her immediate work. Sensing this is an job opportunity that she cannot turn down, Lydia abandons her post at the bar for the magazine. When she returns to the pub later in the evening, she is given a dressing down by Ros and is promptly fired – and barred – from the pub. Elsewhere, Robert makes a pass at Alex, who spurns his advances. “You really are so tiresomely regional,” Robert says. When he requests that Alex start paying rent, Alex moves out. Lydia gives him permission to move into Chloe’s flat without checking with her cousin first. Annoyed, Chloe turns on Lydia. “I’m really starting to wonder whether this is a good idea,” she says, regarding their living arrangements. Will Chloe end up throwing both Lydia and Alex out of her flat?

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