Monday 16 August, 7:30pm on Fiver

The reality drama series charting the fortunes of an ambitious young fashion reporter continues. Mixing real-life events with scripted scenes, ‘Push’ follows Lydia Harrison as she attempts to take the London fashion world by storm. In this instalment, Alex and Lydia look for a house together, but Alex’s involvement with an older man and a shocking secret from the past drive the two friends apart. Lydia wakes up at her ex-boyfriend Jake’s flat. They playfully flirt then share a passionate kiss, which is confusing for Lydia given their history. After breakfast, Lydia goes to her internship at Models One. She learns that her job for the day is to chaperone a 16-year-old model called Harry as he goes to two casting jobs. Lydia phones her best friend Alex to gossip about her new assignment. “He’s gorgeous but he’s only 16 – I feel like the world’s youngest cougar!” she confides. Will she be able to keep the young model out of trouble, while also resisting temptation? Lydia then meets Alex to go house-hunting. However, the price-range that the two young professionals can afford means that only the lowest-quality flats are available, much to Alex’s distress. “What if I meet someone nice? I can’t bring them back here – they’d trip over the tramp in the doorway for a start!” Alex laments. He then reveals that he has to leave to see Robert, an older man he met on the internet. As this is their first face-to-face meeting, he is clearly apprehensive. Alex’s date with Robert goes well, and the two instantly click. When Alex mentions his housing woes, Robert reveals that he has a large spare room with an en suitebathroom, which he is willing to let out to Alex for practically nothing. This is clearly a tempting offer, but Alex is torn over his loyalty to Lydia. Later, Lydia takes Jake to a fashion launch party. When Alex bumps into the pair, there is clearly tension between the two boys. Alex reveals to a mutual friend, Chloe, that his hostility towards Jake is more complicated than it initially appears. “I ran into him and he and I kind of hooked up,” Alex says, regarding Jake. Although obviously feeling remorseful, Alex has never revealed this shocking secret to Lydia.

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