The Bill

Tuesday, 24 August 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

This is part one (of two) of the final two episodes of The Bill.

Journalists who require episodic details for part two (the final ever episode of The Bill) must contact

In the wake of a suspected gang-related murder of a teenager on the Parkway Estate, the team clash over the involvement of a previous police-informant, Jasmine Harris. After questioning Jasmine, ultimately the decision whether to send her back out onto the streets is Smithy’s call.

Inspector Dale Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) is called to the Parkway estate to attend to the stabbing of 14 year-old Liam Martin. Liam’s wounds prove fatal and he dies in Smithy’s arms. When Sergeant Callum Stone (Sam Callis) and the troops fail to catch the suspect running from the scene, a murder investigation begins. DI Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) and DC Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) break the bad news to Liam’s mother, Pat Martin (Lucy Black), and learn that he was a member of a gang. CCTV footage further confirms Liam was acting as a ‘mule’ in a gang. Gary Wilson (Darragh Mortell) and Carlos Miller (Lewis Chase) are identified as key players of the Parkway Crew, the gang in which Liam was involved. Further investigations reveal another gang member, Derek Bailey (Femi Wilhelm), was the one to call the ambulance to come to Liam’s aid – did Derek have an attack of conscience?

Evidence soon comes to light that Jasmine Harris (Faye Daveney) – a previous informant of DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) – was spotted near the murder scene. Mickey tracks Jasmine down and attempts to get information from her informally, but she is resistant, feeling betrayed by Mickey from their past dealings. But when further investigations reveal that the last call Liam made was to Jasmine, there is proof she knows more than she is letting on. Jasmine is arrested and brought in for formal questioning by Superintendent Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse) and DS Max Carter (Christopher Fox).

A voicemail message found on Liam’s mobile proves that Jasmine asked Liam to meet her at the scene of his stabbing. The team believe Jasmine was used by the gang as a ‘link’ to lure Liam to his eventual fate. Grace takes over the questioning and gets Jasmine to admit that Carlos Miller is a key member of the gang, and that she was forced to make the call by him, as Liam ‘disrespected’ Carlos by sleeping with his girlfriend. Smithy and the team visit Carlos’ house in search of trainers, as forensics found a footprint in Liam’s blood at the murder scene. Their search leads them to the local launderette where a witness, Linda Wright (Elizabeth Bower), confirms that Carlos had put clothing and trainers through the wash following the time of the stabbing. With enough evidence to arrest Carlos, Smithy and Stone bring him into Sun Hill for questioning. But will he come clean about what really took place?

Meanwhile, Jasmine is released on bail by Smithy, against the advice of Mickey who fears for her safety. She returns to the estate, without protection, into the arms of the gang who take savage revenge on her for talking to the police and punish her for disrespecting the gang…

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