The Bill

Tuesday, 3 August 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

P.C. Leon Taylor (Dominic Power) and P.C. Kirsty Knight (Sarah Manners) are called to the home of Fiona (Sally Faulkner) and Howard Walsh (Michael Cochrane) by a neighbour who hasn’t seen them for days. When they get inside it is clear that the Walsh’s have been burgled and their dog has been brutally killed.

The Walsh’s car is missing and their mobile phones are switched off. It initially appears to be an opportunistic break in but when C.S.E. Eddie Olosunje (Jason Barnett) reveals that the house alarm had been disabled and the safe opened it seems there may be more to the case. D.C. Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) and D.S. Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) visit the Walsh’s son Rory Walsh (Stuart Laing). He claims not to have seen his parents for weeks but informs them that his parents flew out to Italy a few days ago. The case takes a further twist when Fiona and Howard Walsh’s car is found set alight and further investigation reveals that they didn’t show up for their flight.

On the estate where the car has been found a local resident shows P.C. Benjamin Gayle (Micah Balfour) mobile phone footage of the car on fire surrounded by a group of teenagers. P.C. Mel Ryder (Rhea Bailey) recognises the ringleader as Anthony Williams (Tom Kane) who is known to the police. Sergeant Callum Stone (Sam Callis) and P.C. Mel Ryder visit Anthony at home, but he denies any involvement.

Evidence from the safe suggests that Rory has seen his parents more recently than he claimed. The team also learn that his father shopped him to the police for possession and supply of a class ‘A’ drug which had led to him serving a lengthy jail sentence. When confronted with this, he admits to being in the house a few days earlier and that he did take money from the safe but still denies any involvement in his parent’s disappearance. D.C. Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) and D.C. Grace Dasari don’t believe Rory and he is taken to the station for questioning.

D.S. Max Carter (Christopher Fox) finds the Walsh’s bank statements and discovers that someone has been taking money out of their account everyday at the same time from cash machines in and around Piccadilly Circus.

D.S. Stevie Moss briefs the team at Piccadilly Circus while the rest of CID watches CCTV back at base. An alert comes through that the Walsh’s account is being used and the team are thrown into confusion when the person withdrawing money turns out to be Howard Walsh. When P.C. Benjamin Gayle approaches him he seems scared and refuses any help.

Is someone forcing the Walsh’s to withdraw money? What does Rory Walsh really know about his parent’s disappearance? And what does Anthony Williams know about the arson of the Walsh’s car?

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Gert Thomas, directed by Alex Pillai and produced by Sylvie Boden.

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