The Bill

Tuesday, 10 August 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

Death Knock:

Sergeant Callum Stone (Sam Callis) has a tough day at work when he learns of his father’s death. Deciding to keep the information to himself, it’s Inspector Dale Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) who has to deal with the fall-out and his Sergeant’s unpredictable behaviour. During the investigation involving a young prostitute, P.C. Kirsty Knight (Sarah Manners) bears the brunt of Stone’s anger when he loses it with her, just as Smithy enters the room…

Sergeant Callum Stone (Sam Callis) has a tough day at work when he learns of his father’s death. But, deciding to keep the information to himself, Inspector Dale Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) has to deal with the fall-out and his Sergeant’s unpredictable behaviour.

Alone and lost in his thoughts, Sergeant Stone, ignores his ringing phone and a radio message for assistance at a disturbance. Eventually, he responds to the call and joins P.C.’s Kirsty Knight (Sarah Manners) and Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) at a house where a young woman, Zoe Williams (Leila Mimmack) has been found unconscious and with multiple injuries below an open window. While they speculate about how Zoe fell, Denise Jones (Sharon D Clarke), who also lives at the house, returns home. Denise tells Stone that Zoe and another lodger, Selina Morris (Reanne Opia), are both students. But, following a search of the house, it soon becomes evident that Denise is running a brothel and the girls are prostitutes. While Zoe is being rushed in an ambulance to St. Hugh’s, Kirsty discovers a text on Zoe’s mobile from Selina warning her “he knows”.

Later, at St. Hugh’s, Stone and Kirsty are at Zoe’s bedside when she regains consciousness but Zoe says she can’t remember what happened. Dylan Prest (William Ellis), a known drug dealer and pimp, turns up to see Zoe and claims he is her boyfriend. When Stone asks him where he was at the time Zoe fell, he tells them he has an alibi and that he was with Selina. Suspicions about Dylan are well-founded when it is discovered that he owns the house where Denise and the girls live. It is clear that Selina is a key witness to the investigation and she has to be found.

Under persuasion from D.C. Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron), Denise eventually tells the officers where Selina is and Stone and Kirsty track her down. With his history of intimidation it’s clear that Selina is scared of Dylan so she will only admit, off the record, that she was helping Zoe to skim punters so she could save up enough money to escape from Dylan. Selina had been burned by Dylan as punishment for her involvement. Zoe was next.

Despite arresting Dylan, the team are unable to keep him in custody due to lack of evidence and the case is over. Stone and Kirsty return to St.Hugh’s to break the news to Zoe and her dad, Martin Richards (Alastair Galbraith), that Dylan has been released. Martin goes ballistic and storms out, followed by Stone. Kirsty witnesses Stone having a quiet word with him and when Martin is later arrested for seriously assaulting Dylan, Kirsty is convinced Stone is behind the attack. Back at the station, having borne the brunt of Stone’s bad mood all day, Kirsty confronts him about what he said to Martin. Stone is livid and loses it with Kirsty just as Inspector Smith enters the room…

Who was responsible for pushing Zoe out of the window? Was it Dylan? Frustrated by the case against Dylan, did Stone goad Martin into taking the law into his own hands? How will Stone explain to Smithy his threatening behaviour towards Kirsty? Will he finally admit to Smithy that he’s been carrying the burden of his father’s death around with him all day?..

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Tom Needham, directed by Gary Love and produced by Ciara McIlvenny.

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