The Bill

Tuesday, 17 August 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1


After his father’s funeral, Sergeant Callum Stone (Sam Callis) fights to show his mother the truth about his dad. But, in trying to protect a vulnerable family, will he prove himself to be just like his father to get a result in the case?

Sergeant Stone attends his father’s funeral, much to the disapproval of his estranged mother, Bridget (Margot Leicester). As mourners pay their last respects at the graveside of the former police officer, Stone approaches his mother to try and reconcile their differences. But, still refusing to believe her husband was a rapist, Bridget isn’t interested in re-building a relationship with her son. Ken (David Schofield), a friend of his father, comes to Bridget’s defence and berates Stone for trashing his dad’s reputation. Determined to prove his father’s guilt, Stone returns to work, assuring a sceptical Inspector Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) that he’s fit for duty.

Elsewhere, P.C.’s Benjamin Gayle (Micah Balfour) and Kirsty Knight (Sarah Manners) are called to a local primary school to speak to seven year-old Amir (Rocco Powell) who has been threatened in the street with a knife. They discover that Amir was with his mother, Claire Iqbal (Hannah Kew), at the time of the attack so Ben and Kirsty pay her a visit at home to find out why she is so reluctant to report the incident that traumatised her son. After much persuasion from Kirsty, Claire agrees to come to the station to look at mug shots to try and identity the attacker. When it’s discovered that Claire has previously made allegations of domestic violence and not pursued them, Stone is convinced the investigation will be a waste of time. As Claire looks through the mug shots, Stone doesn’t hide his annoyance when she claims not to recognise anyone ��” he knows she’s lying. Afterwards, Kirsty and Stone clash when she confronts him about his attitude towards a vulnerable woman. Fired up, Stone storms back to his office and calls up records management to request the file on Kelly Ryan ��” the young police officer his father was accused of raping 20 years earlier.

Determined to discover the truth, Stone tracks Kelly Ryan (Lesley Vickerage) down to the hairdressers’ she now owns. When Kelly realises Stone is there about the rape, she demands he leaves. Undeterred, Stone waits outside the shop and eventually Kelly comes out to tell him that she wasn’t raped by his father, she was just drunk and they had sex. It’s a devastating blow to Stone who has been estranged from his parents for 20 years because of the alleged rape. But is Kelly telling the truth? Troubled by her revelation, Stone races back to Sun Hill to examine Kelly’s file and find out the truth for himself.

Meanwhile, Claire Iqbal has been attacked again while out with her son. Claire finally admits that she is being blackmailed by Jamal Carr (Ashley Chin) who is threatening to tell her violent ex where she and Amir are living. Despite claiming to have an alibi, Jamal is arrested but is later released through lack of evidence. Determined to get justice for Claire, Stone takes the law into his own hands and plants drugs in Jamal’s car. He then tips off Kirsty and Ben telling them to follow Jamal when he leaves the station and search his car. Has the maverick cop gone too far this time?

Still reeling from what’s he’s discovered earlier in Kelly’s file, Stone heads out of the station determined to set the record straight with Kelly and his mother. While Stone has gone AWOL, Smithy discovers Kelly Ryan’s file sitting on his desk and is angry that his Sergeant has abused his position to get hold of it. Already suspicious of Stone’s actions in the case against Jamal Carr, it dawns on Smithy what’s been going on – Stone is planning to dish out his own form of justice. As Stone returns to the station, a furious Smithy is ready and waiting to confront him…

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Maxwell Young, directed by Alex Pillai and produced by Sylvie Boden.

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