Would you pay for ITV?

Lets face it – ITV is rubbish isn’t it? If it wasn’t for Simon Cowell, the occasional Champions League match and Corrie, no-one would watch the channel.

And so, with ITV making a move to pay-TV with three high-definition channels vanishing behind Sky’s subscription wall, you have to wonder if anyone will tune in at all.

The agreement with Sky, as reported by MediaGuardian.co.uk, covers HD versions of ITV2, 3 and 4. Yes, really.

Along with an online presence, it seems that ITV are putting £75 million aside for their digital channels.

The company’s chief executive, Adam Crozier, said: “For the past decade ITV has not faced up to the challenges presented by the rise of internet-based platforms, the continuing growth of pay TV and subscription services and the globalisation of content.

“Our priority for the next 18 months is to make ITV a creatively dynamic and fit-for-purpose organisation while maintaining strict financial controls. Over time we expect to move to a position whereby half of ITV’s revenue base will be derived from non-television advertising sources and today we are announcing our move into pay television with the agreement to make HD versions of ITV 2, 3 and 4 pay channels on Sky.”

ITV’s HD channels will become available to Sky+ HD subscribers in autumn, starting with ITV2 in October.

ITV was in talks with other providers, Crozier said, including Virgin Media, but the deal was exclusive to Sky among satellite platforms.

Really though… is anyone actually mental enough to pay to watch these channel in their own right?

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