X Factor 2010: Punch up at the auditions tonight!

X Factor 2010: Punch up at the auditions tonight!

It’s being reported by the Daily Mirror that two friends who auditioned for the show ended up having a punch up fight on stage!

They got into an argument after receiving criticism from Simon, and after one of the pair made fun of the other by saying she fancied Louis Walsh.

The duo, Abbey Johnston and Lisa Parker, attended the Birmingham round of the auditions, and after their fight, Abbey told the paper, “Lisa’s a liar, it’s all her fault…

“If it wasn’t for me, she would never have been allowed on stage to even see Simon.

“It’s sad, but stuff happens.”

Lisa, meanwhile, said, “I think Abbey only hit me once, but then a security guard grabbed her and another one pushed me against the wall so I couldn’t get to her.

“If Simon hadn’t been so nasty, this probably wouldn’t have happened.”

An X Factor spokesman said of the incident, “Things got a bit heated. Producers quickly stepped in.”

Lisa and Abbey sang Shayne Ward’s, That’s My Goal, for their audition, which Simon described as “the worst audition in history.”

We’ll get to see the girls audition, and their subsequent punch up, in tonight’s episode!

Whooppp I’m so glad X Factor’s back!!

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