America: The Story of the US only on History

In just 400 years, a little known country was founded, developed and boomed to become one of the most powerful nations in the world.

In this UK premiere of ‘America: The Story of the US’, HISTORY™ presents an in-depth and extensive look back at the remarkable history of America.

The series includes the views and perspectives of some of its most renowned celebrities, businessmen and intellectuals, sharing their thoughts on America’s culture and greatest historical events.

Each episode in this unforgettable twelve part series covers an essential era in America’s vast history, detailing how an entire nation was born. The episodes combine brilliant reconstructions and CGI animation, to dramatise moments from the country’s past. These significant events detail how advances in technology have enabled America to become one of the most prosperous and diverse nations in the world.

The series begins with English settlers who journey across the Atlantic to the land of opportunity, showing how Tobacco farming saved the lives of the first settlers and how peace was made with Native Americans. This leads right up to present day events, covering entertainment, consumerism, the Millennium and how the country was rocked by the disastrous terrorist attacks of 9/11. Remarkable detail and captivating reconstructions make for a series that is all engaging and fascinating to its audience.

The phenomenal has also been nominated for an Emmy Award in the ‘Outstanding Sound Editing’ category. In addition to this, it was nominated in a further three Emmy categories including ‘Outstanding Picture Editing’. The nominations are testament to just how remarkable the show really is.

As technology sweeps across America, lives are changed and cultures are divided and united, but what does the future hold for a country built on opportunity and independence and is also fuelled by wealth and population?

8pm every Monday from 30th August 2010

(Sky channel 529, Sky HD 545, Virgin Media 234)

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