Bouquet of Barbed Wire

Monday, 6 September 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

A modern reworking of Andrea Newman’s taboo-busting 1970s psychological drama, Bouquet of Barbed Wire.

TREVOR EVE (Waking the Dead, Framed) leads the cast as Peter Manson. Written by acclaimed writer Guy Andrews (Lost In Austen, Prime Suspect), directed by Ashley Pearce (Class of 74) produced by Mammoth Screen, and commissioned by ITV1, the 3 x 60 min drama was filmed on location around London.

Eve stars alongside HERMIONE NORRIS (Spooks, Kingdom), IMOGEN POOTS (Miss Austen Regrets, 28 Weeks Later), TOM RILEY (St. Trinians 2, Lost In Austen) and JEMIMA ROOPER (Lost In Austen, The Black Dahlia).

Bouquet of Barbed Wire explores the consequences of a father’s obsessive love for his daughter and how secrets once buried in the past return to haunt their lives. Trevor Eve plays Peter Manson, whose apparently successful life is turned upside down when his beloved teenage daughter Prue reveals she’s pregnant by her teacher, Gavin Sorenson. The very heart of the family is threatened as Peter has an intuitive sense that Gavin’s on a personal quest for revenge.

In episode one the lives of Peter and Cassie Manson are turned upside down when their beloved daughter Prue reveals that she is pregnant by her teacher, Gavin Sorenson. Prue plans to keep the baby, drop out of school and marry Gavin. Besides Peter’s aching fear that he has lost his daughter forever, he is rocked by the unnerving certainty that Gavin is on a personal mission against him. Is this just fatherly concern, or has Peter’s love for Prue become an obsession?

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