Burn Notice: Lesser Evil

Thursday 23 September, 9:00pm on Fiver

US action series following the exploits of a spyturned- private investigator. In this week’s thrilling season finale, Westen and Victor team up against Carla’s organisation, but she responds by going after Madeline. This episode guest-stars John Mahoney (‘Frasier’) as Carla’s boss. Carla informs Westen that her boss is due in town, and as a result he must catch Victor and deliver him to her immediately. Unbeknown to Carla, Westen has already caught Victor and incarcerated him in a lock-up, where he and Sam have been interrogating him about Carla’s shadowy organisation. At first Victor is uncooperative, but Westen tells him that if he refuses to talk, he will be handed over. “Your only shot now is to trust me,” Westen warns him. “You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.” Victor confesses that he was working for the CIA in Mexico City when all at once his wife and son were murdered, and he received a burn notice. Shortly afterwards Carla got in touch and asked him to work for her, and Victor agreed, treating it as an opportunity to find out who killed his family. However, before long, Victor uncovered the shocking truth, which set him on the path to taking his revenge. “It was Carla,” he recalls bitterly. “She had my family killed as part of my recruitment.” As Westen verifies Victor’s story, Sam continues the interrogation process. Victor warns him that if Carla is ordered to pull out of Miami by her management, Westen will be in deep trouble. “If Michael doesn’t hand me over, Carla’s going to cut her losses,” he insists. “Starting with Michael’s family.” When Westen returns to Victor’s side, his old adversary warns him that Carla will have wised up to their treachery by now. They decide to flee the lockup, which is already surrounded by her henchmen. With customary guile, Westen and his new comrade manage to escape, prompting a furious phone call from Carla. “Enough,” she tells him, darkly. “It’s time for you to learn that actions have consequences.”

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