Fearne And

Wednesday, 22 September 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2

Fearne and Beth Ditto

In the third episode of the series Fearne sets out to discover if the things she has heard about Beth Ditto are true ��” is she really the rebellious, squirrel-eating, shoplifting, overweight lesbian of popular myth?

As Fearne is kept waiting at their first two meetings, the presenter is unsure she is going to be a huge fan of Beth’s, but, as they head stateside to the singer’s hometown she relaxes and opens up and the pair start to get on well together.

On her way to meet her at a German rock festival, Fearne explains that she plans to get to the bottom of the stories she has heard about Beth. She says: “I’m off to meet Beth Ditto for the first time. I’ve never met her. I have no idea what on earth to expect. All I have heard about Beth Ditto is that she’s a major exhibitionist, so I’m really looking forward to finding out whether the outrageous front woman we see in the media is the same one I’ll meet.”

Their relationship does not get off to a great start when Fearne arrives to meet Beth and discovers she is still asleep on her tour bus. After being kept waiting for five hours, Fearne finally gets to meet the singer just minutes before she is due on stage.

Beth doesn’t seem phased by her upcoming performance and, as she takes to the stage and strips her dress off, Fearne sees more evidence of her wild-child image.

After her performance Beth takes five minutes to talk to Fearne about her partner and how she’d like to get married and settle down, but, midway through the conversation, she dashes back to the stage to gatecrash 30 Seconds To Mars’s act. Grabbing a nearby sweeping brush, Beth heads onto the stage to attempt to sweep them off.

Fearne says: “Just a minute ago Beth had been telling me how she was ready to settle down, but, seeing her attempt to sweep 30 Seconds To Mars off the stage made me think she was nowhere near ready to hang up her rock chick boots.”

At the end of her first whirlwind meeting with Fearne, Beth apologies to her for keeping her waiting.

Hoping their next meeting will be more successful, Fearne arranges to meet Beth at a photo shoot. Things get off to a good start and Fearne sits in with Beth while she has her make-up done. But, before long, Beth’s manager asks Fearne to leave the room and she is once again left waiting outside until the end of the day.

Fearne is unsure what kind of reception she will get when she heads off to Beth’s hometown of Oregon, but the atmosphere is more relaxed for Beth at home and she soon opens up. As they go shopping for outrageous clothes and singing in a lesbian karaoke bar, Beth talks frankly to Fearne and reveals the shocking truth about the shoplifting rumours.

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