Fearne And

Wednesday, 15 September 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2

Perez Hilton

In episode two, Fearne travels to Miami, Toronto and back to London to get the low down on celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton.

Perez was born Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. to Cuban parents in Miami, where he still lives with his mum and sister. He has used the name Perez Hilton to carve himself a career out of blogging about the world’s celebrities. He shows Fearne around the family’s quirky home and the little office at the back of the house which he uses to do his daily blogs.

Perez’s mum explains to Fearne that she is proud of her son and thinks he’s amazing but doesn’t get involved with his job and refuses to read his blogs. As Fearne gets this rare insight into Perez’s world, she questions whether or not he remains Perez at home, or reverts back to being Mario.

Out on the celebrity circuit, Fearne goes with Perez to the Much Music awards in Toronto. The awards, which are being presented by Miley Cyrus, come days after a press backlash in the US against Perez after he published pictures taken up Miley’s skirt on his website. As she films with him, Fearne is wondering if Perez and Miley will come face to face.

In LA, Perez reveals to Fearne the secrets behind celebrities’ relationships with the paparazzi. He tells the presenter that celebrities regularly phone the photographers to tell them where they are going to ensure that they get spotted. To demonstrate, Perez rings a photographer and tells him where he and Fearne are having lunch. As the photographer arrives, he advises Fearne on where to sit so that the photographer can get the best shot of her outfit. Afterwards, the photographer admits to Fearne that one A-list actress regularly tells him where she is and he splits the profit from the photographs with her.

In his usual outrageous style, Perez tells Fearne that he can’t stand Christina Aguilera. As the pair head to London’s Gay Pride festival, Perez says he believes X-factor winner Joe McElderry is gay. At the time of filming Fearne and… Joe had not confirmed his sexuality. Fearne questions Perez to see if he feels guilty for hinting about people’s sexuality on his site, and making them feel pressure to come out.

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