Ghost Whisperer Series 5 on Living

9:00pm Wednesday, September 29 on LIVING

Smouldering small-town mum Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has a hidden special talent, she can see and communicate with the dead. As hit US supernatural drama Ghost Whisperer continues its fifth series on Living she uses her power to help troubled spirits cross into the light of the other side. Ghost Whisperer’s emotionally powerful storytelling is based on the work of renowned psychic James Van Praagh. His experience of living with a paranormal gift has helped develop a remarkable show about the dead that is triumphantly life affirming.

This week a romantically minded ghost is sending flowers from beyond the grave to Ned’s occult anthropology professor. Ned is afraid that he has awakened a spirit with a ouija board that he showed her, but the professor begins to think it is him stalking her as the ghost ramps up its romance. She may teach the paranormal but she doesn’t believe in it – at first. Ned is forced to call in Melinda to persuade the professor and solve the mystery

It seems likely that the ghost is her fianc�, who died in a car accident, but ouija boards are dangerous as it is not possible to know who is really talking through them. The professor and her fianc� were soul mates and she has not come to terms with his death. She may be what is keeping him on earth, but is it actually him? Melinda must find out who the ghost is and what it wants, but the ghost refuses to talk to her except through the board. Is there more than spooky seduction going on here?

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