Jedward: Let Loose

Tuesday, 7 September 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2

In the final episode of the series, Jedward prepare to face their biggest challenge yet. Having been in their apartment for just over a week, they will have a night on their own without road manager, Liam!

But they’re not on their own for long though when mum Susanna and dad John pop round to see their place and check up on the twins. When Susanna finds out that the twins are on their own for the night she decides to stay over.

The next big challenge for the twins is to host their very first dinner party. They have to cook a three course meal for six people. They start off with pea and mint soup which everyone admits tastes like toothpaste. The rest of it goes pretty well until the boys bring out desert with sparklers ��” which nearly causes disaster in their swanky pad!

In the midst of their challenge of living on their own, the twins are busy building up to the release of their first ever album and spend every free minute rehearsing and promoting. Louis Walsh pops in to their rehearsal studio to give them some words of encouragement.

It’s the day of the album release and the boys have a huge signing to attend before their gig tonight. Thousands of fans have turned up to see them and the gig is a sell out.

It’s their last day in their swanky new pad and Jedward have made a big decision, that they do want to live on their own and reflect on the ups and downs of the past 10 days…

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