K-Ville: Game Night

Wednesday 1 September, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they attempt to restore law and order to a post- Katrina New Orleans. In the final episode, Cobb and Boulet are assigned to protect a hell-raising college football star on the eve of an important match. However, a series of troubling events threatens to derail the most important game of their charge’s life. On the eve of a big football game, Cobb is dumbfounded when Embry informs him and Boulet that they have been assigned to the protection detail for Vin Bear (Mehcad Brooks, ‘True Blood’, ‘Desperate Housewives’), a New Orleans-born college football player who is about to break into the big time. “Let me get this straight,” he says to his boss. “This town is overflowing with murderers and rapists, and you want us to babysit some football player all night?” However, in light of threats made against the young man’s life, Embry is concerned with protecting his city’s reputation. “Tourism is our city’s life’s blood,” he insists. “We can’t afford to take a hit like that.” At Vin’s hotel room, a party is in full swing, but he soon leads the officers to a downmarket strip club. Inside, the sportsman receives a phone call that puts him in a rage, leading him to get into a brawl with a fan. “You have no idea who you’re messing with, mate,” the fan warns, darkly. “This ain’t over.” After the upset, Vin asks the cops to escort him to his childhood friend Ricky’s home, but Cobb becomes suspicious when Ricky gives his oldest friend a stilted welcome. Cobb’s gut feeling proves correct, and the group are soon ambushed by an armed man hiding in the kitchen. The gunman manages to escape with Ricky as a hostage. Furious, Cobb demands answers from Vin, who confesses that his earlier phone call was from the gunman, Terence Jackson. “He says he’s gonna kill Ricky if I don’t save points off the game tomorrow,” Vin confesses. “They’ve got big bets down.”

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