Monday 27 September, 7:30pm on Fiver

The reality drama series charting the fortunes of an ambitious young fashion reporter continues. Mixing real-life events with scripted scenes, ‘Push’ follows Lydia Harrison as she attempts to take the London fashion world by storm. In this instalment, Chloe’s disappearance sends shock waves through the group of friends and forces several people to re-evaluate their priorities. Lydia is happy after her first night with Charlie, but is brought crashing down to earth when she realises that Chloe is missing. She will need the help of her friends to find her wayward cousin, but her pals have other things on their minds. Alex has found romance with Sam. As they share a cosy breakfast at Alex’s flat, they mull over the circumstances surrounding Alex’s move to London, crediting Lydia as the catalyst. Tom is still wallowing in self-pity following his break-up with Rachel, and is struggling to take responsibility for his actions. Lydia gathers her friends at the flat to discuss Chloe’s disappearance. When Alex arrives, he is stunned to find Jake there, and makes his disapproval known. Lydia explains that Jake’s brother is in the police and he is there to help, but tensions between the pair continue to run high. Jake confronts Alex about his attitude towards him and shows a new side to himself through his help in the search for Chloe. Lydia’s gratitude is clear, and when Jake talks fondly about their past life together, it seems possible he might win Lydia over yet again. Struggling with the burden of Chloe’s disappearance, Lydia is distracted when she works with stylist Jackie Dixon, and learns an important lesson about the real priorities in life. When a downtrodden Lydia arrives home, she finds Charlie has made her dinner. Her happiness grows when he reveals he has delayed his departure – just for her. But will this news distract Lydia from the important task of finding her cousin?

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