X Factor 2010: Simon's Storm over contestant’s real name

X Factor 2010: Simon’s Storm over contestant’s real name

On tonight’s edition of The X Factor, we’ll see hopeful Storm Lee Gardner getting into a bit of a row with Simon Cowell over his name…

Storm, who traveled from LA to take part in the Birmingham auditions, will be told by Simon that he’s not going to call him Storm because “it’s a stupid name.”

It all began when Storm introduced himself on stage and sang U2’s hit, Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…

Before he sang, he told the judges, “I have been trying to make it in this business for maybe 25 years.

“Someone said lately, if you want to get hit by lightning, you have to stand in the rain.

“And I really believe that. I feel like I’ve been standing in the rain for 25 years.”

He then told the judges he’d taken “two planes, a bus and three taxis” to attend the auditions.

Simon then asked him, “What’s your real name?”

To which Storm replied, “Storm.”

A disbelieving Simon said, “And that’s your real name? The name you were born with? Seriously?”

Storm replied, “I changed it when I was 16 because I thought I wanted a stronger name that had something to do with the character I wanted to be.

“So I thought a new name would help me do that.”

It transpired that his ‘real’ name is Lee, and Simon said, “I’m not going to call you Storm anymore, because I think it’s a stupid name.”

Storm then retorted, “Would you say that to Elton John? That you wouldn’t call him Elton because it’s not his real name?

“Or Lady GaGa?”

But undaunted, Simon reiterated, “I can’t take you that seriously with calling you Storm…

“You’re trying to be a rock star [the name Storm] hasn’t worked before, and I don’t think will work going forward.”

Well, time will tell of course, and in the meantime, you can see Storm in action in the clip below…

And don’t miss tonight’s show on ITV1 at 7:30pm!

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