Human Target: Sanctuary

Sunday 24 October, 6:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the action drama based on the DC Comics series of the same name. The show charts the exploits of security expert and bodyguard-for-hire Christopher Chance. This week, Chance poses as a monk in order to protect an ex-thief from his vicious former accomplices. Using the popular DC Comics title as a springboard, this full-throttle action drama centres on Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), a security expert who hires himself out to clients in desperate need of protection. Chance is regularly compelled to go beyond the call of duty, integrating himself completely into his client’s lives. In the process he becomes a human target – eliminating the threat to those he is paid to protect. Others might not notice him, but nothing goes unnoticed by Chance. If there is a manager with a disgruntled employee who appears violent and unstable, Chance becomes the new man on the inside. If a bank president has been tipped off about a potential heist, Chance poses as the unassuming bank teller at the front counter. But what would drive a man to become a willing human target? Does anyone know who Chance really is, or what secrets lie buried in his past? ‘Human Target’ co-stars Chi McBride (‘I Robot’, ‘Pushing Daisies’) as Winston, Chance’s trusted friend and business partner. Academy Award nominee Jackie Earle Haley (‘Little Children’, ‘Watchmen’, ‘Shutter Island’) plays Guerrero, Chance’s hired gun. The series is executiveproduced by Jonathan E Steinberg and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘Terminator: Salvation’ director McG. In this week’s episode, Chance is enlisted to protect a reformed thief from his vengeful former accomplices. The criminal, John Gray, is hiding out in a monastery in the Canadian mountains, and Chance is forced to pose as a monk in order to keep his cover. Gray’s nemesis, Fisher (William Mapother, ‘Lost’) and his men are closing in on the refuge.

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