Law & Order: SVU: Loophole

Friday 29 October, 10:00pm on Five

The crime drama series following the NYPD’s elite sex crimes investigation squad continues. In this episode, an anonymous tip-off leads the investigators to a suspected paedophile. Benson struggles to find the concrete evidence of abuse needed to secure a conviction, but in the process she stumbles across another shocking crime. Amid chaotic scenes at the precinct, an anonymous package for the SVU team arrives. Inside are photos of a child posing in his underwear, a memory stick and a handwritten note saying ‘Please put this sick bastard away’. As the pictures do not show the child doing anything untoward, there is little chance that the culprit could be prosecuted. Nonetheless, Benson sets out to trace the victim, and the person who might have abused him. Benson recovers some deleted image files from the memory card, but all they show is a front door being fitted to an apartment building. With Fin’s help, Benson locates the building. At the scene, they meet junkie resident Raymond, who enquires whether they have come about the spate of recent break-ins. He informs the detective that the caretaker, who lives in the basement, was the latest victim. Fin and Benson pay a visit to the caretaker, Seth Milsted, who denies that his house was burgled. Fin is alarmed when he notices that the camera on Milsted’s table is exactly the same make and model as the one used to take the suspect pictures. As the detectives leave, they realise that the pictures were stolen and handed over by whoever committed the burglary at Milsted’s flat. “We got ourselves a burglar with a conscience,” Benson declares.

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