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Friday 22 October, 10:00pm on Five

The crime drama series following the NYPD’s elite sex crimes investigation squad continues. In this instalment, Fin takes the lead when a friend of his son is raped. However, he soon finds himself clashing with a detective from the Brooklyn SVU who is convinced that the perpetrator is the same man he is hunting for a string of murders. When a student at his college is raped at a subway station, Fin’s son Ken persuades the reluctant girl to speak to his father. The victim, Ming Hao, at first flees the precinct, but little by little she opens up and provides an account of the attack. However, Fin becomes suspicious about her story when the timings she gives leave a six-hour gap unaccounted for. “I could drive a city bus through the holes in that girl’s story,” he tells his son, grimly. The reason behind Ming’s reticence becomes clear when Fin talks to her younger sister, Chun. She explains how their very traditional parents have arranged a marriage for Ming with a man from Hong Kong. “If he finds out she’s not a virgin, he’ll call off the wedding,” Chun cries. Before Fin can probe further, the girls’ parents arrive on the scene, and her father threatens to sue the force if Fin interferes again. Just when it is beginning to look as if Fin will have to close the case, the rapist strikes again. The latest victim is socialite Kara Bawson, who was working in her art gallery when the attacker struck. As with the previous rape, the assailant asked his victim to praise him, and suggested that he had deliberately selected his victim beforehand. “He told me I was even prettier in person,” Kara tells Fin. Meanwhile, Detective Chester Lake of the Brooklyn SVU arrives to inform Fin that he suspects the rapist of committing three murders on his patch. However, Fin remains unconvinced. “Rapists escalate to homicide,” he insists. “Why would a killer suddenly lose his taste for blood?” Fin gives his fellow detective 4

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