The Love Bus

Wednesday 27 October, 10:00pm on Fiver

Brand new dating show presented by Zoe Salmon. In this week’s opening instalment, boxing fanatic Sergio from Manchester hops on the Love Bus in an effort to meet the girl of his dreams. Will any of the ladies meet his requirements? Ex ‘Blue Peter’ star Zoe Salmon presents this dating show with a twist. One singleton rides a specially kitted-out bus around his or her home city, while other singles wait at stops at various points in the area. The potential dates only have one stop to prove their worth to the picker, or be thrown off the bus. The chooser can decide to keep a date on the bus for longer than one stop, but runs the risk of passing over a more suitable partner waiting further along the route. The couple still on the bus at the end of the journey win an all-expenses-paid date together. In this episode, Zoe and her double-decker head to Manchester, where 24-year-old Sergio is waiting to meet some ladies. The half-Spanish boxing enthusiast is an IT account manager and considers himself charming and charismatic. He likes to ‘chillax’ and does well with the ladies, but always seems to attract the wrong sort of woman. “The girls that go for him are a bit too fast and too loose,” says Sergio’s mother. “The last five years I’ve been on and off with psychos!” Sergio laments. His first bus date is Katrina, a student from Ireland. The confident redhead likes to impersonate Lady Gaga, and sings Sergio a cover of ‘Poker Face’. However, her efforts are not rewarded and she is soon kicked off the bus. “I don’t think anything went wrong, I just don’t think anything went that right,” Sergio tells Zoe. Next up is Rachel from Kent. At 19 years old she claims to be Britain’s youngest psychic, and is soon attempting to read into Sergio’s past and give him information about his deceased grandmother. Although this opening gambit does not go very well, the pair are soon openly flirting. “So, are you a bit toned under that suit?” Rachel enquires. The duo are getting on so well, Sergio decides to keep her on board a little longer and bypasses one of his potential dates. However, he is clearly interested in playing the field, so boots Rachel off in favour of Emma-Jane, a 20-year-old club singer from Manchester. She belts out a rendition of ‘Empire State of Mind’, which unfortunately includes some flat notes. Despite this, Sergio is impressed. “You’ve got an amazing voice,” he tells the aspiring singer. However, Emma-Jane is also soon discarded. “She was a little bit too shy for me,” Sergio says to Zoe.

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