CSI: Miami: Backfire

Thursday 25 November, 9:00pm on Five USA

The forensics drama continues. In this episode, the CSIs are called upon to investigate a house fire that killed a teenager. While Calleigh lies in a coma after sustaining injuries trying to rescue the lad, she has an out-of-body experience that allows her to communicate with the victim. Supported by a local police officer, Calleigh and Ryan burst into a burning house to save a boy trapped inside. Ryan manages to grab the lad and escape unharmed, while Calleigh and the other officer suffer the effects of smoke inhalation and are rushed to hospital. Despite the heroic efforts of the would-be rescuers, the boy is pronounced dead at the scene. Henry Dawson, the owner of the home, arrives distraught to find that the victim is his 15 year-old grandson Patrick. Upon noticing burns on the victim’s hands, the CSIs suspect that he may have started the fire – a possibility his grandfather dismisses. The autopsy reveals that Patrick died of smoke inhalation. A chemical residue from highly flammable turpentine is located on Patrick’s hands, adding weight to the theory that he started the fire. Meanwhile, Calleigh returns to duty after being cleared by the hospital, but finds a cold reception from Ryan. She later calls at the ruined house, only to encounter the ghost of the victim, who vehemently protests his innocence. Tripp informs Horatio of a 911 call that could hold some significance. It emerges that Henry Dawson’s neighbour, Stephanie Hollister, set fire to his lawn because she was angry about the noisy renovation work he was carrying out. Under questioning, Stephanie denies having anything to do with the house fire, but Horatio is certain she is hiding something. Could a disgruntled neighbour have committed arson – and murder – all because of a bit of noise?

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