CSI: Miami: Spring Breakdown

Thursday 18 November, 9:00pm on Five USA

The Miami-based forensics drama continues. In this episode, the CSIs are called to investigate the deaths of three students whose bodies were recovered in and around the same hotel during the spring-break party season. As they investigate each case, Horatio and the team realise that all three murders may have been carried out by another student seeking revenge for a humiliating assault. As the spring-break parties hit full swing in Miami, Horatio and the CSIs are called in when the bodies of three young revellers are found. The locations and causes of death differ with each victim, but the team suspects there may be a connection between the trio. The team splits into pairs to tackle each case. Horatio and Walter investigate the death of a man who has fallen from a hotel and become impaled by a sculpture on the ground below. Calleigh and Tripp are assigned the body of a young woman found in a giant washing machine at an industrial laundry used by the same hotel. And Ryan and Jesse are presented with a dead young man buried up to his neck at a nearby beach. Ryan and Jesse’s victim appears to have been drowned by the incoming tide, unable to free himself from the sand. Ryan is convinced that the man’s death was merely the result of a drunken prank gone awry, but Jesse reminds his colleague that accident or not, the culprits need to be found. It soon becomes clear to Calleigh and Tripp that the young woman was dumped in the washing machine postmortem. The machine’s filter yields several potential clues for the pair to follow up, leading them back to the hotel. As the impaled body is removed and taken back to the lab for examination, an intriguing detail is discovered. A burn is found on the young man with chemical residue that indicates he was shot by a flare gun prior to death.

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