In the design of this bag is still key elements, the grid and innovation of small details, be window.

In the new series Burberry creatively into circular shrinkage, cable knot and different around the fabric, etc with a brand-new fashion design inspiration Burberry presents classic case grain. The nest, knot, strap, young body skin, all elements such as abnormality Burberry london adds to the above case grain, originally common case grain with deep and shallow brown leather, immediately become more belt type lattice hale, military taste. : Prorsum Burberry of spring summer fashionable dress series, winding knot design also is a Sling Bag, even the alligator looks hard, also can be tied a knot, cooperate the apply during make-up of different color and small, and the brand DaiXing season series pink skirt with mini lengths and even wet lv quite close

Christopher designers design of the 10 Bailey spring break is undoubtedly the brand of traditional conservative, composed of style, the design is attributable to join the “London” characteristics, optional spring summer hold, still be signs of drape, but the drape but some unconventional, no longer as ever, but the design in a pattern neat, appear strewn at random have send. The design characteristic and winding into both shoulders or skirt very clever are designed to no one, the big stars in the street pats activities or in spring in his new street, this new design with unique interpretation of drape grace and nobility.

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