Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

Monday 15 November, 9:00pm on Five

The fishing adventure series with Robson Green continues. This week, the Geordie heads to Cuba, where he finds an unexpected fishing wonderland. When not salsa dancing or taking in the unique culture and beautiful scenery on land, Robson goes after the spectacular tarpon, the lightningfast bonefish and the delicious-tasting grouper. Robson starts his Cuban adventure in Havana, where he elects to stay in the famous Nacional Hotel, wich has played host to such legends as Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Ant and Dec. His first fishing expedition of the trip takes him to the Malec�n, an esplanade stretching along the city’s coastline. Joining a number of locals fishing for their dinner, Robson clambers onto the sea wall and casts his line – but is soon hit by the first of many waves. “This is like fishing in a washing machine!” he cries. Having landed just a solitary sardine from the Malec�n, Robson moves on to the watery wilderness that makes up much of Cuba. An hour’s drive south-east takes him to the Rio Hatiguanico, one of the country’s biggest rivers, where he hopes to catch the elusive tarpon. Renowned for their ability to jump high out of the water, these fish are notoriously tough to land. To increase his chances of success, Robson hooks up with local guides Lazaro and Philippe and starts his journey upriver. Before long, Robson gets his first tarpon bite. True to form, however, the slippery fish shakes free of the hook. The Geordie tries again, but the same things happens. “Just how many tarpon am I going to hook and lose today?” he asks. “This is torture!” In fact, Robson manages to miss a tarpon some 12 times, before eventually taking on the advice of his guides and mastering the art. When he finally brings in his quarry, he is elated. “How about that for a beautiful-looking fish!” he exclaims. The experts are pleased for their guest’s success, but clearly less impressed with his histrionics. “What a drama queen!” observes Philippe. After another drive through the beautiful Cuban countryside, Robson arrives at his next angling destination – the remote island of Cayo Romano at the north-east of the country. Sparsely populated and rarely fished, these waters offer excellent angling opportunities. Robson’s prey on this occasion is the fast and elusive bonefish

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