Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

Monday 29 November, 9:00pm on Five

The fishing adventure show with Robson Green continues. This week, the intrepid Geordie heads to Panama in Central America, where more game-fishing records are held than anywhere else in the world. Making the most of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, Robson goes in search of peacock bass, tarpon, dorado, sierra mackerel and some big-game billfish. Robson’s Panamanian adventure begins in the 164sq ft Lake Gatun in the middle of the Panama canal. To increase his chances of landing some of the beautiful peacock bass reported to inhabit these waters, Robson has joined up with world record-holding angler and local legend Ciccio, who is brimming with confidence about this trip. “I can’t wait to get stuck in!” enthuses Robson. After feeding fruit to some local monkeys, Robson casts his first line with assurance. However, it is not until a few hours and several unsuccessful casts later that Robson lands his first peacock. “I’m happy about the fish, but I’m even happier I best Ciccio to the prize!” he says. Not to be outdone, Ciccio quickly brings in another – much larger – fish, but Robson’s good mood remains. “What a way to start my trip!” he says. “I’m beginning to fall in love with Panama.” The following morning, Robson returns to Lake Gatun to meet up with Marcial, a member of the native Embera tribe. The pair’s task for the morning is to catch lunch for the whole village – some 31 people. However, while Robson may be accustomed to fishing with hi-tech boats and rods, he now pins his hopes of success on a hand-held line with a simple plastic lure, and a ramshackle rowing boat. This particular area is said to be good for bream and snook, both of which are great to eat. However, after hours of trying, Robson and his guide catch nothing, and must return to the village empty handed when the boat begins to sink. Following a disappointing morning, Robson heads east to the Bayano River, where tarpon weighing up to 200lbs have been caught in the past. Known locally as s�balo, these fish are one of the all-time greats of game fishing, and are renowned for being fierce fighters. Once again, Robson finds himself having to wait for a bite. “I think I’m going to have to be patient,” he says. Under the tutelage of an expert local guide, Robson eventually lands his first fish – a big tarpon that fights to the last second. “Today was not about quantity, it was about quality. That is an absolute stunner!” he says.

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