Home and Away: 15 - 19 November 2010

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Shandi’s arrival threatens to scupper John’s plan to propose to Gina. Tragedy strikes after Marilyn and Mitzy fall out. Dex’s date with Adrian backfires. Alf decides to stand up to Penn. Vittorio asks Bianca to marry him again. 

Monday 15th – Episode 5176 

Before John can propose to Gina, Shandi arrives and reveals her true identity – she is his long-lost daughter. As John wonders what Shandi wants from him, Miles also struggles to accept the news. When Angelo tells Charlie that her commitment issues have left him feeling insecure, she suggests that they move in together. 

Tuesday 16th – Episode 5177 

Gina is insulted by John’s proposal. Miles meets with a frosty reception when he breaks the news of his burgeoning relationship with Shandi to John. In spite of Angelo’s reservations, Charlie insists that they move house right away. Vittorio pops the question to Bianca for a second time. 

Wednesday 17th – Episode 5178 

Indi admits that she is behaving strangely around Romeo because she is worried that he will treat her badly, as her ex did. April becomes suspicious about Bianca’s lack of enthusiasm for planning her wedding. Is she still harbouring feelings for Liam? Marilyn is appalled when she overhears Mitzy confess that she often invents her predictions to make people happy. Could Sid have been right all along? Marilyn decides to bite the bullet and confront her friend, but Mitzy collapses as a result of the stress. 

Thursday 18th – Episode 5179 

As Mitzy’s life slips away, she tells Marilyn that she made up the prediction about her end date. However, she also has a shocking deathbed confession for Sid. Indi decides that, in order to put the past behind her, she must write a letter to her estranged mother. Dex decides to take pet shop girl Adrian on a date, but as usual his good intentions lead to disaster. 

Friday 19th – Episode 5180 

Marilyn struggles to cope with Mitzy’s death. Dex reconnects with Adrian when he confides in her his grief over the loss. Alf witnesses Penn standing alone at Tulip’s grave, vowing to take revenge on his enemy. Later, Alf confronts the troubled Penn, and urges him to leave town for his own safety. 

Coming Soon 

Indi is shocked to discover that Romeo is still in touch with Annie. John attempts to win Gina back. Penn continues to wreak havoc in the bay. Irene receives some surprise visitors. Miles loses Shandi to another man.

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