Home and Away: 22 - 26 November 2010

Home and Away – weeknights on Five 

John attempts to win Gina back. Penn continues to wreak havoc in the bay. Irene receives some surprise visitors. Miles loses Shandi to another man. Penn goes missing. 

Monday 22nd – Episode 5181 

Sid struggles with the moral implications of keeping Mitzy’s deathbed confession a secret. Commitmentphobic Charlie has second thoughts about moving in with Angelo. Indi inadvertently discovers that Annie and Romeo have been secretly writing to each other. Will she be tempted to read Romeo’s mail? 

Tuesday 23rd – Episode 5182 

John’s first step in his plan to win Gina back is to whisk her away for a romantic dinner date. However, the date ends with John deciding to move out of their house for good. As Indi contemplates what to do with Annie’s letter to Romeo, her deception is exposed by Alf when he asks Romeo if he has received the mail. Indi pretends that she misplaced the letter and delivers it to him – although not before reading it herself. 

Wednesday 24th – Episode 5183 

Xavier tries to salvage John and Gina’s broken relationship. April tries to help Dex win Adrian back, but her advice backfires in spectacular fashion when Dex admits to his date that April has coached him in what to say. Penn’s behaviour becomes increasingly deranged. He trashes Summer Bay House before picking a fight with John, all the while talking to his dead parents. 

Thursday 25th – Episode 5184 

Bianca becomes increasingly hesitant about her impending nuptials. Penn threatens to harm Miles and the kids, which provokes Miles to fight back. Marilyn gives Dex some relationship advice, leading him to realise that maybe he and Adrian are not suited to each other after all. Irene gets a surprise when Will and his daughter Lily return to the bay. 

Friday 26th – Episode 5185 

Ruby accidentally hits Penn while out on a driving lesson with her mum. Will reveals that Gypsy has left him. He promptly attracts the attention of Shandi, much to Miles’s dismay. Leah and VJ leave for Africa. As Penn continues to torment the residents of Summer Bay, Alf threatens to kill him. The next morning, the maid at his hotel room finds Penn missing and a pool of blood on the floor. What happened to Penn? 

Coming Soon 

Detective Robertson returns to lead the investigation into Penn’s disappearance. Ruby falls for her new driving instructor. Indi confesses to reading Romeo’s letter. Irene pushes for Will to reconcile with Gypsy. Dex develops another unrequited crush.

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