Home and Away: 29 November - 3 December 2010

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Detective Robertson returns to lead the investigation into Penn’s disappearance. Ruby falls for her new driving instructor. Indi confesses to reading Romeo’s letter. Irene learns the truth about Will’s break-up with Gypsy. Dex develops another unrequited crush. 

Monday 29th – Episode 5186 

Romeo is furious when Indi confesses to reading his letter. Ruby falls for Alex, her new driving instructor. The blood in Penn’s hotel room matches his blood type, suggesting that he was the victim of foul play. When Alf is called to the police station for an ‘informal chat’, it becomes clear that he is the number-one suspect. 

Tuesday 30th – Episode 5187 

Charlie is far from happy when Detective Robertson returns to the bay to take over the investigation into Penn’s disappearance. Dex is instantly smitten with Robertson’s new sidekick, a young detective named Graves. Romeo tells Indi that he loves her. John tracks Gina down and informs her that, one way or another, he will convince her to marry him. Alf is disturbed when he realises that he is Robertson’s prime suspect. 

Wednesday 1st – Episode 5188 

Irene makes it known to Will that she feels his relationship with Shandi is having a detrimental effect on Lily. Alf begins to believe that Robertson also suspects Nicole. He confides his fears in Charlie, and also confesses to his affair with Penn’s mother. Charlie takes this information to Robertson, which leaves Alf looking more and more like a killer. Gina tells John that there is no chance of a reconciliation. 

Thursday 2nd – Episode 5189 

Miles and Alf lie to Robertson about the former’s involvement with Tulip O’Hare. Vittorio’s flirtatious behaviour causes Bianca to have flashbacks about the time he cheated on her. Dex reveals a bizarre new look in the hope of catching Graves’s eye. 

Friday 3rd – Episode 5190 

A fed-up Vittorio warns Bianca that he is on the verge of returning to Italy. Shandi informs Will that she is leaving the bay. Irene contacts Gypsy to fill her in on the latest developments, but is horrified to learn that Will has been lying about the reason for their break-up. Alex builds up Ruby’s hopes of scoring a date with him. 

Coming Soon 

Bianca must choose between Vittorio and Liam. Nicole receives the results of her HIV test. Graves agrees to go on a date with Dex. Marilyn continues to suffer nightmares about Alf. John moves a step closer to winning back Gina.

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