Human Target

Sunday 14 November, 6:00pm on Fiver

Salvage and Reclamation (Series 1: 7/12) Continuing on Fiver this week is the action drama based on the DC Comics series of the same name. The show charts the exploits of security expert and bodyguard-for-hire Christopher Chance. This week, Chance is reunited with an old flame when he heads to South America to rescue an English professor who has unwittingly uncovered a stash of treasure. Cambridge anthropology researcher Doug Slocum (Kris Marshall, ‘My Family’) is being held at a South American military base when Chance arrives to rescue him. Doug was hunting for evidence of an ancient tribe when he stumbled across the wreckage of a plane that crashed several years earlier, killing the country’s president. Despite several large-scale searches, the plane was never located at the time. Inside the wreckage, Doug found $40million-worth of gold bullion, but soldiers locked him up when they got wind of his discovery. As he and Guerrero wait at a local airfield for Chance to extract Doug from the army camp, Winston worries about the mission. They were enlisted to help by Chance’s ex-girlfriend, Maria, a tough former rebel soldier. She and Chance apparently parted on bad terms some years earlier. “It’s an old wound to be opening up like this,” Winston says apprehensively. Winston’s worst fears are confirmed when Chance and Doug arrive at Maria’s bar, where she has told them to come to collect forged travel documents. However, the pair soon find themselves being held at gunpoint by Maria’s men. “You were always better at watching other people’s backs than looking out for your own,” she laughs when she sees her ex. It soon dawns on Chance that she had him deliver Doug to her so she could obtain the coordinates of the gold bullion.

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