I’m A Celeb… 2010: Does anyone else think Gillian McKeith’s batshi* bonkers?

As regular Throng readers may know, I’m a fully trained psychotherapist as well as – some say, brilliant – writer, and having watched another installment of I’m A Celeb, I’ve come to a conclusion…

Gillian McKeith is nuttier than squirrel poo.

Yes, that is the technical term.

And now it seems she’s told her fellow contestants that she’s hearing voices! A show insider told The Sun that her ‘voices’ tell her if she’s doing well or alternately if she’s doing badly, they tell her she should leave the jungle.

The source added, “Whether she’s making this up too, who knows?”

And it seems Gillian believes that the public are voting for her to do all the bushtucker trials because she’s popular, to which Britt Eckland replied, “I beg to differ.”

Too right.

Her behaviour during the bushtucker trial we saw last night was not only odd, it was also rude. Now I’m not Shaun Ryder’s biggest fan, but he did show he’s got nuts when he ate everything in that trial, while looney tunes would only eat the vomit fruit pizza thing…

She was constantly rude to Shaun, telling him not to speak while he’s eating and generally pulling faces that implied ‘He has the table manners of a goat’, and she may be right but at least he gave it a good go!

And to be honest, on an entirely personal level, everything about her irritates me; that stupid face she pulls when she doesn’t approve, the way she smiles even… it all bugs the bejesus out of me.

So will she be gone at the first opportunity or do you want to keep her in to torture her with trials?

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