I’m A Celeb… 2010: If Gillian McKeith’s “collapse” was real, why’s she still there??

As viewers of I’m A Celeb saw last night, drama queen Gillian McKeith ‘fainted’ when told she had been voted by viewers to take part in the Unfairground trial…

As Dom Jolly shouted “You should be ashamed of yourselves” to the viewers, Dr Bob rushed in and gave Gillian oxygen.

This is becoming something of a regular occurrence and in addition, Gillian point blank refused to do the trial the day before…

But if Gillian is genuinely so “frail” and passing out every two minutes, then how come the show’s medical team are allowing her to stay? Surely if they believed for one minute that any of these dramatic fainting episodes were genuine, they’d have her on the first flight home for fear of her suing ITV?

I’m convinced it’s all entirely fake, and done for no reason other than a) to get out of doing trials and b) to get more air time… Because let’s face it, without all this drama, she’d have been the first to go because without her “phobias” and “anxiety attacks”, the woman would be as dull as ditchwater to watch.

But enough is enough now surely? Time she went methinks.

However, after the amateur dramatics, she was then excluded from the task, and for the first time in the show’s history, the person who came second in the public vote did the trial, and that was Linford Christie.

He pretended to faint when he was told the news, which shows how seriously he’s taking Gillian’s fainting, but he did well and won 12 meals for camp.

I’m A Celebrity bosses had anticipated that Gillian would be chosen to do the live trial, and also that she’d refuse, so they had the second place rule hastily brought in so that there wouldn’t be 30 minutes of airtime to fill when Gillian bailed.

A show insider told The Sun, “Bosses were terrified Gillian would ruin the live trial and so hastily decided on the rule change to make sure they had something to fill the air time.”

Do you think it’s time she went now if she’s just going to pull a “panic attack” when she’s got to do a trial? Or do you want her to stay to see what she does?

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