I’m A Celeb… 2010: If Gillian McKeith’s never seen the show, how did she know about Katie Price?

In last night’s I’m A Celeb, after being downright rude to Stacey Solomon, Gillian took her aside to – sort of – apologise, and she said, “The only person I want to see when I get out of here is Katie Price…

“She’s the only one who knows how I feel.”

Now previously,Gillian has maintained that she’s never watched the show, which of course nobody believed, but having made that statement, it’s clear that she has because how else would she know that Katie Price was voted to do the bushtucker trials nearly every day?

Granted, someone in camp could have told her about Katie, but the way she spoke to Stacey over it was in the context of having first-hand experience of it. She didn’t say, “Oh such and such told me how Katie had to do trials every day…”

It was said as though she was fully and personally aware of it.

She also told Stacey, “Well, she did her trials, she won the stars…” so will she still claim she’s never seen the show?

And I might add, it looks like my prediction about Gillian was spot on right. I wrote in an article a couple of days ago that I suspected she was going on and on about her phobias – and fainting all the time – so that she could ‘conquer’ them and get a new TV show or book about doing just that…

In my earlier post, which you can read here, I said that in a few days, Gillian would start to proudly state how she was getting over her fears, and sure enough, last night, she proudly made a big deal of how she could now walk over the bridge instead of crawling along it.

She also went underwater for what she says was the first time ever to “conquer my water phobia.”

Oh puhlease!

But in being so nasty to Stacey, who was only saying what the rest of the UK is thinking – that is, if your so scared and so ill, why don’t you leave – she sealed the deal on being utterly dislikable for me.

Stacey’s a lovely girl and I thought it was perfectly reasonable to ask that question. Any sane person would do what she suggested and just go if it was that bad, but Gillian bit her head off and told her to go away!

I suspect too it’s only a matter of time before Shaun blows his top at her because she keeps on and on at him doesn’t she? Perhaps that’s what she’s hoping for?

After all, Gillian is well aware that rows and her behaviour are keeping the cameras firmly on her.

I’m hoping she goes, and soon!

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