I’m A Celeb… 2010: Is Gillian McKeith the most disliked celeb ever?

Well, to answer my own question, for me, yes she is. After her pathetic performance during last night’s show, she’s definitely earned that particular title…

Screaming from the ‘prison’ that she shouldn’t be there was quite simply, sad. But here are three reasons why I dislike her more than Katie Waissel even…

First of all, she cheated in the trial by perching on top of the ‘dock’ when she should’ve been standing in it like everyone else.

Secondly, her rant at Shaun over where he could or couldn’t smoke wasn’t “polite” as she insisted; she just issued orders and expected them to be followed.

And thirdly, she’s got her “contraband” of condiments that she’s not sharing with anyone else.

But if a fourth reason were needed, I’d add that she’s clearly faking her fainting episodes. And evidently everyone at camp thinks so too, even Dom Jolly who shouted “You should be ashamed of yourselves” to the public voters who opted for Gillian to do yet another trial.

And Ant and Dec make so much fun of her, they obviously believe she’s faking too.

What I do find amusing though is that Gillian is of course most famous for her diet plan, but fat lot of good it’s doing her if she is genuinely passing out all the time!

Not exactly a good advert for her way of eating/living is it?

And the woman looks like a shriveled up raisin, so again, and again, if she’s expecting people to follow her diet plan, she may as well yell, “eat this way and you too can look like a hag.”

Time she went surely?

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