In the case of powder Burberry pure wool scarf

Pink is a character in one of the products, Burberry relatively concentrated production sales in Asia, Europe and Japan at a sale only Woollen feel complaisant spend quite good, Burberry  london lattice in recent years is one of transition route, Emphasize fashion warm personality, pink, suitable for young women lovely daily wear! In cold ChuWen insulation ability under! 100 pure is the total export of something.

Wear way:

This wool fabrics with fashionable joker exalted temperament, contracted and generous, installing type can be suitable for leisure, Pink style highlights brim, this is a fashion can be applicable to various occasions, the scarf for young women choose normal. To satisfy various demands; scarf method, The modelling pane is tie-in, fold after using those classical colour makes sense, shallow blue grid partition line, a true tie-in pool.the, material qualitative, 100% pure natural allergic reaction, not fade.

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