Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Wednesday 24 November, 10:00pm on Five

Ten Count (Series 7: 18/22) Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. This week, Logan becomes personally involved in a case after an old acquaintance is killed in what initially appears to be a bar brawl gone awry. However, closer inspection into the life of the victim’s brother reveals the real motive for his death. Gabriel Gardela wins a punishing amateur boxing bout against his opponent Calvin Lewis on a technicality. While his brother Peter, also a promising boxer and Gabriel’s right-hand man, goes out to celebrate with his girlfriend Christina, Gabriel decides to hit a bar with his manager, Gus Kovak (Miguel Ferrer, ‘Robocop’, ‘Twin Peaks’). When out at a seedy pub, Kovak quickly makes his excuses and leaves. Soon after, Gabriel notices a couple arguing at the bar and sees that the man is getting rough with the woman. As he follows the brawling pair outside in an attempt to make peace, another man steps in to the melee and shoots Gabriel in the leg. Logan arrives at the hospital to find that Gabriel bled to death after the single gunshot pierced his femoral artery. It emerges that Logan was an influential boxing mentor to both of the brothers. As he comforts the devastated Peter, he requests to take on the case with Wheeler. “You find out who did this to my brother, Mike,” Peter says. At the crime scene, the police find a Beretta pistol in a nearby sewer. Although the gun does not yield any prints, the weapon is traced to a middle-aged woman in the suburbs. Although the woman claims to have never bought a gun, she has a drugaddicted daughter, Callie, who often stole her credit card. Files indicate that Callie matches the description of the woman in the bar the night of Gabriel’s murder. When the detectives track down Callie, they find she has died of a drug overdose. The autopsy reveals that there is heroin in her system, but also a powerful sedative, suggesting somebody may have deliberately given Callie a ‘hot dose’ to silence her.

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