Law & Order: SVU

Friday 26 November, 10:00pm on Five

Sin (Series 8: 17/22) The crime drama series following the NYPD’s elite sex crimes investigation squad continues. This week, a homophobic preacher is suspected of murdering a gay man with whom he was having an affair. A gardener makes a grim discovery in the graveyard of a Catholic church. “No clothes, no ID, no eyes,” Melinda pronounces gravely when she has assessed the corpse. The victim is laid under a blanket with his arms crossed over his chest. He appears to have been raped, and both of his eyes are missing. Inside his mouth is a packet of crystal-meth pills. Back at the precinct, the team has trouble identifying the victim. “Photoshop this to make it look like he’s alive,” Cragen barks, waving a gruesome picture of the dead man. After a media appeal, the young man’s estranged mother comes forward. She tells the detectives that she fell out with her son, Richard Antrim, after he dropped out of medical school to pursue an acting career. Meanwhile, the detectives raid a premises mentioned as a meeting point in the last text message Richard received before he died. They are greeted by the bizarre scene of a group of young people acting out an abortion. “It’s a play – people walk through it like a haunted house,” leader Paul Curtis explains. “It shows them what happens if they lead a sinful life.” Munch soon discovers that the victim was a rent boy who advertised his services over the internet. He was also a crystal-meth addict. Richard’s phone records reveal that in the weeks before he died, he made many calls to the New Souls church. The evangelical congregation – to which the ‘Satan’s House’ actors also belong – is notorious for its anti-gay rhetoric. The calls are traceable to founder Jeb Curtis’s private line, but as Benson and Stabler arrive to interview him, they discover that one of his sons has just been killed in Afghanistan.

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