Law & Order: SVU

Friday 19 November, 10:00pm on Five

Philadelphia (Series 8: 16/22) The crime drama series following the NYPD’s elite sex crimes investigation squad continues. This week, Benson locates her biological brother in New Jersey, but it transpires that he is under investigation for a series of sex crimes. Elsewhere, Benson’s preoccupation with her brother’s case allows a serial rapist to escape. After learning that she has a long-lost brother named Simon (see last week’s episode, ‘Haystack’), Benson locates his family home in New Jersey. As she and Stabler scope out the house, they are apprehended by two local police officers, who are watching the building as part of a criminal investigation. Police Captain Julia Millfield reveals that Simon is suspected of stalking three women and breaking into their homes. Cragen is furious when he learns about Benson and Stabler’s escapades. “I should whip both of you for taking guns and police vehicles across state lines without permission,” he snarls. However, his lecture is abruptly cut short when news comes in that a serial rapist attacking men in Central Park has struck again. The third and latest victim, Ronnie Cavelle, was pulled into a van by two men who beckoned him over to ask for directions. The men beat him, then one drove while the other raped him. Despite the horrific attack, Ronnie refuses to testify or even look at mug shots. He is terrified that his fianc�e will leave him if she finds out that he was raped. The detectives decide to launch an undercover operation in the hope that they will catch the attackers in the act. Stabler, Munch, Fin and Benson station themselves around the park, and before long Fin spots a man circling the area in a transit van. As the detectives try to corner the vehicle, Benson receives a call on her mobile phone from Lucy, Simon’s girlfriend. In the process, Benson misses the directions Stabler is giving over the radio, and the suspect escapes. Minutes later, a call comes in to tell them that the van they were following has just dumped another victim.

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