Neighbours: 22 - 26 November 2010

Neighbours –  weeknights on Five

Two lives hang in the balance, and only one Ramsay Street resident will survive. Summer pays a huge price for Steph’s actions. Sophie has a startling realisation about a friend. Libby’s tough love helps Steph. Natasha recruits Andrew and Summer to help break up Michael and Ruby. 

Monday 22nd – Episode 6026 

Two lives hang in the balance. The residents band together in a vigil at the hospital, but only one of the accident victims will emerge… 

Tuesday 23rd – Episode 6027 

Donna grieves for Ringo and is saddened when Steph confesses the full extent of her guilt. With the possibility of a prison sentence hanging over Steph, Lyn and Toadie muster their support for her. Despite this, Steph decides that she is not going to fight the charges. Encouraged by Sonya, Toadie makes one final effort to convince Steph to fight. 

Wednesday 24th – Episode 6028 

After blaming Kate for Ringo’s death, Donna again takes to her room. Andrew finds a way to reach out to her and challenges Donna to rejoin the community to celebrate Ringo’s life. Karl finally breaks down in grief for Ringo and refuses comfort from Susan. Andrew stuns Summer by making it clear he wants nothing to do with any of the Scullys. 

Thursday 25th – Episode 6029 

Natasha is looking forward to school as an escape from Michael’s love life. But when an argument between Andrew and Summer turns brutal, Natasha intervenes, hoping she can save their friendship. But will her efforts be in vain? In the wake of Ringo’s death, Zeke takes time out from PirateNet, forcing Lucas to take the helm. But when Callum targets Lucas in his prank show, Zeke is compelled to save the day. With Zeke’s help, Sophie deals with her own issues of grief and in doing so she has a startling realisation. 

Friday 26th – Episode 6030 

Steph’s state of depression continues to concern her family, but when Libby steps in she makes real progress. With some tough love, Steph agrees to seek professional help. Her resolve strengthened, she vows to do everything she can to stay out of jail. Natasha is on a mission to break up Michael and Ruby but is confronted by Ruby herself. Will Natasha succeed in breaking the couple up or will she regret her actions? 

Coming Soon 

Steph struggles to rebuild her life. Donna remembers Ringo in her own way. A wedge is driven between Sophie and Callum. The Kennedys and the Robinsons face their demons. Sophie fears that Callum has a crush on her.

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