Neighbours: 29 November - 3 December 2010

Neighbours – weeknights on Five

Steph struggles to rebuild her life. Donna remembers Ringo in her own way. A wedge is driven between Sophie and Callum. The Kennedys and the Robinsons face their demons. Sophie fears that Callum has a crush on her. 

Monday 29th – Episode 6031 

The day of Ringo’s funeral arrives and all his friends struggle with their grief. Donna is determined to focus on the positives, but a series of altercations between Zeke and Declan threatens to derail the proceedings. Steph strives to stay out of jail. 

Tuesday 30th – Episode 6032 

Paul returns to work, determined to turn over a new leaf, but when Rebecca walks out on him, his health worsens. Donna is devastated that she never got to say goodbye to Ringo, but she and her friends finally find a way to honour his memory. 

Wednesday 1st – Episode 6033 

Karl and Susan find themselves torn apart by their different ways of grieving. At the hospital, Karl is surprised by uncharacteristically sensitive advice from Paul, while Susan’s feelings give Rebecca new perspective on her own situation. Natasha wants to give her dad one last day with Ruby before she leaves. But will one day be enough? 

Thursday 2nd – Episode 6034 

Despite losing her driving licence, Steph has to get back to work at the garage in order to pay her looming legal bills. She puts on a brave face, but Lucas can tell she is struggling, so he puts aside his own feelings to help her. But just as they settle back into their working relationship, Lucas gets a shock. Natasha encourages her dad to channel the pain of losing Ruby into a school project. 

Friday 3rd – Episode 6035 

When Steph is forced to consider selling her house to cover her legal defence, Summer realises that she might have to move. Her distress piques Andrew’s guilt and he realises he has been too hard on her lately. He decides to make amends by celebrating her favourite holiday – Halloween. Callum unwittingly confirms his crush on Sophie, so she realises she is going to have to break her best friend’s heart. 

Coming Soon 

Donna stays busy to keep her grief at bay. Andrew tries to bring Rebecca and Paul closer. Libby is determined to help Steph’s case. Declan realises his important job comes at a cost. Declan has to decide who he wants to be. Steph is shocked by Sam’s personal attack.

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