White incarnation of

They are young enthusiastic red pink girl, never-ending sufficient it emits casual grace and personality. With curiosity and love adventure soul ponder life.

Red pink atmosphere

White light pink packaging, song methanols lined by BURBERRY grid embossing design, referring to the spring of cheng fang Oriental cherry tree flowers, are female natural beauty and feminine charm of perfect correspondence. Perfume bottle modeled with different Burberry Brit perfume bottle, representative grid in bottle and departs on turning to grind arenaceous pink to deduce, continuation of classical Brit perfume series Burberry interaction, with moving feelings gracefully wrapped perfume bottle. Burberry london Brit Sheer is in a fresh falvor flavour perfume. Japan grapefruit and marmalade fresh pineapple leaf adjustable through before, in the luscious litchi and grape foil below more talented. Center scent, sending out a kind of beautiful flowers, mixed the peony, the peach HuaCu and sweet peas. Aroma with bright white musk as foil and powder powder’s Amy sandalwwood for the end of fundamental key. Soft, delicate, pleasure, dream. Pattern of young, serene, graceful world. White sonata perfume flowed out BURBERRY moving melody.

Through the thin crepe, is light color light colour scenery. Your fingers touched gently white feather, hearing wander in organizing ning melody. Orange trees, grapefruit flowers. The misty curtain, suddenly discover is after having our Oriental refined colour. Jump in the song of love, white boundless joy between heaven and earth, is fond of utopian white girl that young beats in, and they that romantic fervor incarnation

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