X Factor 2010: Bosses call in police after Katie Waissel death threats

Following Aiden Grimshaw’s departure from the show last Sunday, the tide of public hatred towards Katie became so bad that the show’s bosses have called in security experts to protect Katie after death threats were made against her.

Thousands of fans posted on various forums and social networking sites, with the majority complaining that Katie was saved again on Sunday, but some went much further and messages included one that read, “Katie Waissel deserves to die right at this minute.”

Another said, “All I can say is die Katie Waissel!”

An X Factor spokeswoman told The Sun, “These threats are disgusting and outrageous. “This is cyber bullying and we will not put up with it.

“We are doing what we can to stop it and are contacting police.”

The paper adds that Katie is “disgusted and freaked out” by the hate messages. And after Sunday’s results show, more than 150,000 people signed up for a Facebook page that claimed Katie was “harder to get rid” of than an STD.

Security has now been increased at the X Factor house, and Katie has been told not to go out alone.

Meanwhile, Aiden Grimshaw yesterday accused Katie of being a publicity-seeking drama queen, adding “She doesn’t float my boat.”

When Katie was saved on Sunday, she hugged Aiden on stage and said, “Don’t hate me” but he dismissed her words as histrionics and said, “She’s a drama queen…

“Hate’s a strong word – but she’s not my favourite person.”

More X Factor news soon!

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